On line analyzer for potable, surface and waste water monitoring

MICROMAC is a colorimetric microprocessor controlled On Line analyzer specifically designed for automatic monitoring on several type of waters matrix.



Robust and Reliable: designed for industrial and Environmental On Line applications ensures the highest level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components. Complete separation between electronics and hydraulics plus a simple and robust LFA* hydraulics allows long and reliable operations.


Easy to install: the analyzer is delivered only after a long and successful series of final tests. It is ready for installation, without any further adjustment, and is complete of a spares set for start up. To start monitoring is enough to connect sample line, waste line and power supply.


Automatic Calibration: upon a user selectable Calibration Time expiring the analyzer perform a Calibration Cycle, storing and checking the new calibrant O. D. If new O.D. exceed selected limits, an alarm contacts is closed.


Sample dilution: each sample can be analyzed as it is or in dilution mode. Dilution mode can be activated also on off scale samples with a dilution factor, factory selected, up to 100.


Measuring interval: user selectable; between two measurements the analyzer remain in stand by mode, without reagents consumption.


Off scale reanalyze: The analyzer identify off scale samples, and starts the analysis in dilution mode automatically


Features and benefits

  • Fully automatic operation;
  • Long autonomy; low maintenance, low operating cost;
  • Low reagents consumption; short preparation time; low disposable costs;
  • Easy operation; fully documented plug in analyzer, no special training is required;
  • Electronics and hydraulics completely separated;
  • Serial interface for PC or printer connection (optional).