In-situ probes

In-situ Probes

SYSTEA proposes a series of submergible multiparametric in-situ probes for sequential automatic analysis of up to four nutrients or other chemical parameters in surface and sea water.

Our probes are specifically designed for unattended monitoring in oceanographic research, environmental protection and biological studies; the following models are available:

  • NPA Pro
  • WIZ probe

The standard wet chemistries for nutrients analysis used in our in-situ probes are optimized to be used for unattended water quality monitoring in surface and sea water: NH3: fluorimetric OPA method PO4: Molibdate, Ascorbic acid colorimetric method NO3+NO2: UV reduction + NED, SAA colorimetric method NO2: NED, SAA colorimetric method.

Other chemical parameters available are: Silicates Total Phosphorous Total Nitrogen Total Dissolved Iron Sulphide.


Features and benefits

  • Up to four parameters sequentially measured
  • Easy reagents replacement
  • Low reagents consumption (about 200 microliters of each reagent for analysis)
  • Reagents sealed bags refrigerated by surrounding water.

Advanced functionality

  • Toxic waste is collected in a special bag placed inside the reagents compartment (NPA / DPA Pro) or outside the probe’s body (WIZ) DI water is used to wash the hydraulic circuit and to perform a diluted measurement
  • Self-cleaning filtration unit available as option.