Micromac Total N&P

On line analyzer for nitrogen and phosphorus monitoring in surface and waste water

Micromac C TN&TP is designed to analyze Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in the same device; UV digestion is applied for Total N, UV and high temperature digestion for Total P.

The measurement is performed in a combined mode, ensuring one hour of measurement for both parameters; 4-20 mA data output is provided at the same time.

Measurement method

The sample after proper filtration is pumped inside the LFA reactor, where after injection of H2SO4 is trapped inside the high temperature heating bath for inorganic P hydrolysis. During the hydrolysis time, the analyzer runs a complete TN test on the same sample, by adding the oxidation reagents and passing through a UV digestion step, to convert Nitrogen into Nitrate by UV radiation in persulfate alkaline medium. The nitrates formed are then reduced to nitrites by hydrazinein alkaline solution, where copper is used as catalyst; the nitrites react with sulphanilamide and naphtylethylendiamine in acid solution, to form a pink colored compound measurable at 550 nm. The reactor is washed and then the analyzer opens the heating bath and adds in the digested sample a proper oxidant to convert all the organic forms of phosphorus into orthophoshate, by the double action of potassium persulphate and UV radiation in acid environment. The orthophosphate formed reacts with molybdate to form phosphomolybdate, which is finally reduced to bluemolybdenum by ascorbic acid. The coloured complex is read at 660 or 880 nm.


Technical specification

Total N Total P
Measuring principle Colorimetric, UV digestion + UV reduction to NO3 Colorimetric, acidic hydrolosis and UV digestion
Measuring range 0-5/10/20/50 mg/l as N 0-3/5/10 mg/l as P


Features and benefits

  • TN&TP measured in the same device
  • One hour analysis time for both parameters
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Long autonomy; low maintenance and operating cost
  • Low reagents consumption
  • Easy operation; plug in analyzer, no special training is required
  • Electronics and hydraulics separated
  • Serial interface for local or remote PC connection
  • The results of the analysis are displayed in the same moment, after 1 hour.