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Systea S.p.A - Water Quality Analyzers

SYSTEA S.p.A. develops, manufactures and sells worldwide integrated solutions for analysis and on line monitoring of complex chemical compounds in:

 surface water

 drinking water

 waste water

 sea water

Innovation, continuous technological development and elevated quality standards allow Systea to propose a wide range of products with unique characteristics of sensitivity and flexibility, based on proprietary industrial patents.

A continuous technical support is guaranteed to our Customers by high specialized technical organization; our staff is always available to suggest the right solution


For over 30 years we have been offering innovative automatic
analytical solutions for industry and the environment

SYSTEA S.p.A. is an Italian company established in 1988 with the objective to develop, manufacture and sell automatic wet chemistry analyzer for environmental and industrial markets.

The actual products range, based on its own industrial patents, can cover efficiently many different market fields, with particular evidence of the environmental control and agri-food markets.

SYSTEA proposes its own manufactured products through a network of selected international, who can technically support locally the products.


The products currently available, some of which based on their own industrial patents, effectively cover various sectors of the environmental market, in which the Company markets some product lines for the automatic determination of over fifty chemical parameters in aqueous matrices (drinking water, surface water, groundwater, wastewater and sea)

Over 50 determinable chemical parameters and 150 mono and multiparametric online analyzer models available


Sensors and probes measuring water quality


Our exclusive in-situ probes for multiparametric analysis of nutrients, total nitrogen and total phosphorus


Compact and portable Micromac-1000 online analyzer and Micromac-Smart portable analyzer


Routine analysis of inorganic chemical parameters, in discrete (robotic) and continuous flow technology


The current range of products and the numerous applications already available for the determination of chemical parameters in water allow the company to offer its customers an integrated and specialized proposal that has no equal in the world, even if compared with the powerful multinational companies that are leaders in different market sectors.

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Our strenght is
the continuous technological development

Our technological experience is now absolutely avant-garde, the result of multiple experiences in the development of new applications and activities in the field, also at an international level and in collaboration with prestigious scientific institutions, carried out in over 30 years of business activity.

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