On-line and portable analyzer for chemical parameters monitoring in water

µMAC-1000 is an on-line portable analyzer, available either in mono or sequential mutiparametric configuration (µMAC-1000 MP), providing the highest level of analytical automation.

µMAC-1000 is the only high sensitivity multiparametric portable analyzer in the market; it uses the well known wet chemistry methods normally used in the laboratories. The analyzer can measure any type of water samples; a wide range of applications is available, including high sensitivity methods for nutrients analysis in seawater.


Easy to use

Sample analysis using µMAC-1000, is easy and friendly; the operator can run a sample only selecting a two keys analysis function on the integrated keyboard.

µMAC-1000 can perform very complex analytical cycles; the results are displayed in concentration units and provided through the analog or the RS-232 port.


Always ready for analysis

At the end of each analytical cycle the analyzer remain in stand by mode, without reagents consumption, always ready for next sample.


Easy to install

After the factory tests, the analyser is delivered ready to be installed; start-up kit is included; it is enough to prepare the reagents, to connect the sample line, the waste and the power to start the measurement.


Sample dilution

The analysis can be run either on the whole sample either after dilution on operator request. Dilution mode will be automatically activated on over range samples, with a dilution factor, factory selected, up to 100.
Features and benefits

  • Portable, easy to install and to manage;
  • Low reagents consumption; only few hundreds microliters of reagents per analysis, low reagents and disposable cost;
  • Fully automated operation; no operator attending required;
  • Automatic calibration; it is enough to select the calibration function to perform a new calibration;
  • Results data storage; the analyzer can store up to 400 measuring results including date, time and optical density.