SH-DO200 Dissolved oxygen digital sensor

SH-DO200 Dissolved oxygen digital sensor


The SH-DO-200 Dissolved Oxygen digital sensor uses the fluorescence method to detect dissolved oxygen in the water column, with a built-in temperature sensor that automatically compensates for the effect of temperature on the measurement. The sensor uses RS485 interface and standard Modbus protocol.


Product features

  • No need to replace the dissolved oxygen film and electrolyte, low maintenance
  • Fast response time with fluorescence detection technology
  • Internal storage of calibration data
  • Corrosion-resistant housing, waterproof grade IP68, can work underwater for a long time
  • RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus protocol for easy integration.


Technical specifications

Working principle Fluorescence
Measurement range (0~20) mg/L Other ranges can be customized; Temp.: (0~50) °C
Repeatability ±0,2 mg/L
Accuracy ±0,2 mg/L
Drift (24h) ±0,2 mg/L
Resolution 0,01 mg/L
Response time <1 min
Protection class IP68
Comm. interface RS485, standard Modbus protocol, baud rate 9600
Dimensions (φ33*224) mm/(φ12*105) mm, cable 10m (customizable)
Weight 0,5 kg
Materials 316 Stainless-steel/PVC/POM/Titanium alloy available
Mounting threads Upper NPT3/4 thread
Operating voltage 9~36 Vdc
Power consumption 0.4 W
Calibration period 6 months
Max. depth 30 meters
Operating temp. (0~50) °C


Product applications

Surface water, municipal and industrial wastewater, aquaculture plants