Easychem TOX Early Warning

As a result of years of intensive research and development activities, EASYCHEM TOX Early Warning is an original direct reading on-line analyzer based on discrete analysis technology, for fully automated toxicity measurements of water samples using live cultures of luminescent bacteria.
EASYCHEM TOX Early Warning is a on-line automated platform equipped with color touchscreen LCD and housed in an industrial cabinet, comprising a refrigerated compartment, for bacteria, reagents, calibrants and controls. A mechanical arm for aspiration, transferring and dispensing of reagents and samples and a thermostated reaction plate with 80 positions are incorporated with a luminometer, integrated with an automated cuvette washing station.


Easychem TOX Early Warning: acute toxicity automatic measurement with luminescent bacteria

In order to enable an extended time of use of rehydrated cultures by up to ten days, proprietary bioluminescent bacteria were selected, grown, stabilized and lyophilized according to standard methods. Thus, for the required period, the microorganisms preserve a measurable bioluminescence signal and an unaltered sensitivity to different types of reference compounds defined in ISO and GB-T standards, such as zinc sulphate and mercury Chloride. The system is programmed to manage several bacterial vials in succession, thus enabling an high frequency measurement for one month or up to three months of unattended operation with lower measurement frequency.


Fully automated for unattended toxicity monitoring

Timing and frequency of analytical cycles, limits and parameters of quality controls are programmable by the operator and managed automatically. The continuous measurement of blanks and samples at pre-defined time intervals of about 40 seconds, results in the generation of inhibition kinetics, which allow to achieve, from the very beginning of the analysis, preliminary information on the level of sample contamination.  Following a toxicity alert, the system is able to react immediately by automatically replicating samples and performing control checks to confirm identified toxicity, significantly reducing the occurrence of false positives.

EASYCHEM TOX Early Warning provides local data storage via seriale RS-232 with separate optional analog outputs 4-20 mA, remote data storage on a web server and data transmission via ftp, http and SMS. An immediate alert service is available in case of detected noncompliances. Finally, the management software allows the integration of different instrumentation, thus realizing a truly integrated monitoring station, combining chemical and toxicological on-line control of water samples.


Features and benefits

  • Full automated early warning acute toxicity detection, according to ISO and GB-T standards
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Long autonomy; low maintenance, low operating cost
  • Very low reagents consumption; no preparation time; low disposable costs
  • Easy operation; plug in analyzer, no special training is required.

Easychem TOX Early Warning