Easychem COLI online

EASYCHEM COLI online is a microprocessor controlled on-line analyzer automating COLILERT®-18 test to detect coliforms in drinking, surface, waste and bathing water.

EASYCHEM COLI online simultaneously detects both Total Coliforms (TC) and Escherichia coli (EC) or Faecal Coliforms (FC) in water and wastewater. Multiple Tube Fermentation MTF quantitative results are provided within 18 hours, according to the measurement range.

Colilert®-18 culture medium is the ISO standard 9308-2:2012 and it is also U.S. EPA-approved and included in Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater.



  • TOTAL coliforms, colorimetric
  • E.coli, fuorimetric
  • FAECAL coliforms, colorimetric.

Total+E.coli incubated at 35 – 37 ±0.5 °C

Faecal coli incubated at 44.5 ± 0.5 °C

Other bacteria strains (Enterococci, HPC) available on request.



Designed for industrial and environmental on-line applications, ensures the highest level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components.



The online analyzer is delivered only after a successful final test. It is provided ready for installation, with a spare set for start-up operations.



The online analyzer allows to recognize coliform contamination by performing Presence/Absence (P/A) tests (TC and EC or FC) that can be combined with automated Multiple Tube Fermentation (MTF) quantification at 35-37 °C (TC and EC) or 44.5 °C (FC), with an analytical frequency adjustable to customer’s needs.

At the same time, the Time To Detect (TTD) technique allows early warning estimation of TC and / or FC concentration.


Features and benefits

  • Up to 60 days unattended autonomy for MTF detection
  • Up to 56 samples autonomy with automated P/A detection of TC + EC or, alternatively FC
  • TTD event detection for TC and/or FC
  • MTF detection by selectable measurement ranges (in MPN / 100 mL)
  • Automated cuvette sterilisation ensures long term autonomy
  • Automated generation of local and remote alarms through Ethernet or optional GPRS/3G remote connection
  • Long term unattended operation.