Easychem TOX

State-of-the-art Direct Read Discrete Analyzer for automated determination of acute toxicity in water samples based on bioluminescent bacteria, up to 30 tests per hour throughput.

  • Up to 80 sample tubes on board.
  • Refrigerated compartment for bacteria rehydrated solution, assay buffer and positive controls.
  • 80 long-life reusable reaction microcuvettes, five steps washing station.
  • High sensitive luminimometer – direct reading.
  • Pre or post run sample autodilution.
  • Samples throughput: up to 30 tests / hour after 30 minutes incubation time.


Luminescent Bacteria

  • Proprietary bioluminescent bacteria have been selected, grown, stabilized and liophylized according to standard methods
  • Rehydrated cultures last up to 5 days.
  • High sensitivity to different types of reference compounds defined in ISO and GB-T standards, such as zinc sulfate and mercury chloride.
  • Up to 80 samples tubes on board for almost 3 hours of unattended run.


Features and benefits

  • Up to 10 different dilutions programmable per sample.
  • Up to 4 different dilutions programmable per test.
  • All measurements of blanks and samples at the different dilutions performed in duplicate.
  • Real time calculation of all parameters required by UNI EN ISO 11348-3 “Determination of the inhibitory effect of water samples on the light emission of Vibrio fischeri (Luminescent bacteria test) – Part 3: Method using freeze-dried bacteria” and GB-T 15441.
  • Real time toxicity trend continuously monitored from 1 up to 15/30 minutes from sampling.
  • Programmable quality control, limits and parameters.
  • Programmable measurement of blanks and positive controls to validate results.
  • During result validation, sample runs are not interrupted.
  • Deviation from mean of blank duplicates.
  • Deviation from mean of parallel determinations of sample inhibition values.