Easychem ECO

Easychem ECO is a routine laboratory analyzer to measure pH, conductivity and turbidity in water samples.

This fully automated analyzer is based on Discrete analysis technology, with 104 positions samples tray including reference solutions and controls; main characteristics are the following:

  • Sample temperature for pH and Conductivity
  • Standard pH electrode in a low volume flow cell for reliable and stable pH measurements
  • Low volume flow trough conductivity meter for fast conductivity measurements
  • Low volume turbidity flow cell for high sensitivity and stable nephelometric measurement

Samples throughput: 60 test per hour (20 samples, 3 parameters each).

The analyzer is controlled by our Fusion SW, running on a PC under Window® O.S., where the operator creates the work list containing the samples, their location, their ID code and the determinations required for each sample and then he can control in real time the automatic analysis and finally can check and print the related measurement results.


Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use: no specific experience, short training required.
  • Low running costs: consumables limited to sample tubes
  • Quick start up: just enter the work list and start analysis all methods profile is pre set in the software.
  • One button shut down: shutdown procedure software driven.
  • Windows based Software: easy to use and to learn; short training, specifically designed for chemists.
  • QC control: up to ten levels of real time QC can be used, QC results are automatically stored and plotted in a quality control chart.
  • QC actions: in case of QC out of tolerance the analyzer can stop the run or simply inform the operator leaving trace of malfunction storing the QC out of tolerance.