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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 13:51

Portable Analyzers

μMAC-1000 is an online portable analyzer of chemical parameters in water, available either in mono or sequential mutiparametric configuration, providing the highest level of analytical automation and compactness.

μMAC-1000 is the only available high sensitivity multiparametric portable and on-line analyzer using colorimetric approved methods.

The analyzer can measure many type of water samples on a wide range of applications, including sea water.

µMAC-Smart is a portable analyzer fully controlled by an integrated PC with integrated colour Touch Screen, specifically designed for at site monitoring of all water resources.

The analyzer is mounted in a robust and easy-to-transport plastic case including room for reagents and all other accessories. A reagent frame holds all reagent bottles and required solutions.

The analyzer is easy to be installed and it is designed for easy operations, the analyzer can be used at site after a quick training. It is delivered from factory fully tested and ready to use; reagent kits are available for all standard measurements. Results are stored inside the analyzer memory and can be downloaded through USB port .Analyzer start up and operations have never been easier! Just turn on  and insert the reagents: a simple software will guide the operator through all necessary steps.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 14:37

Micromac Cfa

On-line analyzers for complex chemical parameters
monitoring in water and waste water


Batch Continuous Flow Analysis (BCFA) hydraulics was recently applied to measure specific chemical parameters which needs a particular sample conditioning:  

  • Lead and Cadmium, to be measured as free or Total ions
  • Cyanide, either as free or Total ions 
  • volatile Phenols.

MICROMAC Cfa is a microprocessor controlled On Line analyzer specifically designed for automatic monitoring of complex chemical compounds on several type of water matrices.

Robust and Reliable
Designed for industrial and environmental On Line applications, Micromac C ensures the highest level of reliability in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components.
Complete separation between electronics and hydraulics plus a simple and robust CFA hydraulics allows long term and reliable operations.
Easy to install
The analyzer is delivered after a long and successful series of factory tests. It is ready for installation, without any further adjustment; it is provided completed with a spare set for start up. To start monitoring activity, Customer needs only to connect sample line, waste line and power supply and to insert reagents and calibrant into the internal compartment.
Automatic Calibration
As soon as user selectable Calibration Time expires, the analyzer perform a calibration cycle, storing and checking the new calibrant O. D. If new O.D. exceeds the selected limits, an alarm contact is closed.
Sample dilution
Water sample can be analyzed as it is or after automatic dilution. Automatic dilution can be factory adjusted for high range applications.
Measuring interval
User selectable; between two measurements the analyzer remains in stand by mode, without reagents consumption
Features and benefits
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Built-in sample pretreatment, including in-line distillation
  • Long autonomy; low maintenance, low operating cost
  • Easy operation; plug in analyzer, no special training is required
  • Electronics and hydraulics completely separated
  • Serial interface for local o remote PC connection.
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