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Analytical Technologies

Online Analyzers

For Chemical Monitoring in Water

SYSTEA manufactures a wide range of online analyzers, named Micromac C, using well established and standard colorimetric methods applied on more than 50 applications of chemical compounds monitoring in water.

MICROMAC C is a microprocessor controlled colorimetric online analyzer specifically designed for on-line industrial and environmental control unattended monitoring.

The use of the patented technology Loop Flow Analysis (LFA) ensures:

  • the highest level of robustness in the electronics, mechanics and hydraulics components;
  • reliable mutiparametric sequential measurements of up to four chemical compounds in waste, surface and drinking water with the same device.

Multiparametric Options


To analyze sequentially in one single unit four nutrients parameters (NH3, NO3+NO2, NO2 and PO4).

Sequential multiparametric option allows to measure up to four parameters in the same device.

Micromac C TN&TP

To analyze Total N and Total P in the same device; UV digestion is applied for Total N, UV and high temperature digestion for Total P.

The measurement is performed in a combined mode, ensuring one hour of measurement for both parameters; 4-20 mA  data output is provided at the same time.

Our application laboratory has already developed several multiparametric configurations; please verify your needs with our specialists.


Batch Continuous Flow Analysis (BCFA) hydraulics was recently applied to measure specific chemical parameters which needs a particular sample conditioning:

  • Lead and Cadmium, to be measured as free ions or Total
  • Cyanide, either as free or Total
  • Phenols.


Specific parameters related to organic compounds can be detected:

  • COD, using three different analytical methods (bichromate, permanganate and UV direct reading)
  • TOC, including low range detection in sea water.



A self-cleaning filtration unit with 25 microns cut-off is suggested to be coupled with the analyzers for waste water monitoring.