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Analytical Technologies


DPA (Deep-sea Probe Analyzer) is the state of the art “in-situ” probe analyzer, which can measure automatically up to four chemical compounds in surface and sea water, based on μLFR* technology.

* Patented

This innovative “Pro” design allows an easy installation in coastal buoys or floating platforms.

DPA Pro allows as standard to detect at trace concentration levels the main four nutrients compounds:

  • ammonia (NH3-N)
  • orthophosphate (PO4-P)
  • nitrate + nitrite (NO3+NO2)-N
  • nitrite (NO2-N).  

The DPA Pro probe automatically manages well-proved and used in most all the laboratories worldwide spectrophotometric wet chemistries and an advanced fluorimetric method for ammonia measurement.

Many other analytical methods are available on request, including silicates, iron and other metals.


DPA Pro is an advanced analytical probe due to:

  • the 5 ml micro Loop Flow Reactor (microLFR) enabling a very low consumption of reagents and calibrants;
  • the exclusive multibeam compact, optic fibers based, colorimetric detector, coupled with a state of the art fluorimeter;
  • the new compact design layout, which allow an easy integration in coastal buoys and floating water monitoring platforms;
  • the reliable external reagents canister, which allows an easy field substitution of reagents and calibration solutions. 

Results are directly provided in concentration units; all measured values are stored with date, time and sample O.D.; the same data are remotely available through a serial communication port, which allows the complete probe configuration and remote control using the external Windows® based NPA-DPA control panel software.