Easychem 200

Fully automated analyzer based on Direct Reading Discrete Analysis technology, sample capacity from 60 up to 75 positions dedicated to samples.

  • Cooled reagents tray with capacity from 12 up to 27 reagents bottles
  • Temperature controlled Reaction tray containing up to 80 reaction cuvettes, washable & reusable after QC check
  • Colorimetric detector including 9 position filter wheel for automatic wavelength selection
  • Pre or post run sample autodilution
  • Samples throughput: up to 200 tests per hour.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use: no specific experience or training required.
  • Flexibility: individual parameters list selectable on each sample, pre or post run sample autodilution, working standard autodilution from a stock standard.
  • Low reagents consumption: only a few microliters of reagents per analysis.
  • Low running costs: nearly no consumables, low reagents and disposable costs.
  • Immediate start up: no time waste or problems to reach hydraulic equilibrium.
  • Immediate shut down: no washing procedure required.
  • Windows based Software: easy to use and to learn; short training, specifically designed for chemists.
  • QC control: up to five level of real time QC can be used, QC results are automatically stored and plotted in a quality control chart.
  • QC actions: in case of QC out of tolerance the analyzer can stop the run or simply inform the operator leaving trace of malfunction storingthe QC out of tolerance.
  • Data reprocessing allows to check and reprocess the results file, including or deleting data treatment.