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BREAKING NEWS: Nutrient Sensor Challenge Awards

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Easychem TOX Early Warning

Easychem TOX Early Warning is an on-line analyser for drinking water and environmental monitoring applications using dried bioluminescent bacteria, ...

Saturday, 15 January 2011 13:00

On-line filtration

Self-Cleaning Filtration Unit

For waste water or other dirty samples application a self-cleaning filtration unit can be installed close to the analyzer. Thanks to the integrated PLC, the filtration unit runs periodically a self cleaning cycle, using compressed air generated externally or even internally (as option). One filtration unit can be used to supply a clean water sample up to 10 analyzers.

Easy to install 
The filtration unit is delivered completely assembled on a stainless steel and PVC frame, ready for connection to a sample line. It is sufficient to connect the main sample line, the waste line and the analyzer’s filtered sample line.
Low maintenance 
  • Self cleaning cycle and long life pump tube ensures low maintenance cost.
  • Analyzer controlled: Micromac activates the filtration unit only when the analytical cycle starts.
  • Stainless steel filter ensures long operation and no corrosion with the most common matrix.



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