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BREAKING NEWS: Nutrient Sensor Challenge Awards

During the special awards session at the Association for the Science of Limnology & Oceanographic (ASLO) meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, on ...

Easychem TOX Early Warning

Easychem TOX Early Warning is an on-line analyser for drinking water and environmental monitoring applications using dried bioluminescent bacteria, ...

IEexpo 2019

On 15-17 April 2019 we are attending for the fourth time the IEexpo in Shanghai inside the Italian Pavillon organized by the Italian ...

Saturday, 15 January 2011 16:49

Fusion software

Fusion software was specially created for Windows XP/7/8/10 and it was xompletely written and full supported by SYSTEA.

Setting up a run is easy, the user simply clicks the work list icon or menu and selects colored symbols for each type of standard, QC, or sample.

The operator, then chooses which analysis will be performed on the work list, by selecting a pre-defined method. Multiple methods can be selected for each sample, standard, or QC. Pre-run dilutions can be selected on specific samples, and standards can be automatically prepared from a stock solution. Automatic dilution and rerun of off-scale samples can also be selected.

QC Controls

Up to five levels of real time QC’s can be used. QC results are automatically stored and plotted in a user defined QC chart. In case of QC failure, the analyzer can stop the run or simply notify the operator, flag the QC result, and go on. After the run, EasyChem software shows the limits for the QC standards and prints a symbol to show at a glance whether each passed or failed.

LIMS Connection

Data can be transferred to an internal or network drive at the end of the run (in a Text or ASCI format). Sample IDs can be imported from a central computer. Fusion software is compatible with all windows supported networks.