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週日, 03 六月 2018 05:30

Easychem TOX Early Warning

Easychem TOX Early Warning is an on-line analyser for drinking water and environmental monitoring applications using dried bioluminescent bacteria, automatically rehydrated to ensure long term unattended operation down to 5 minutes frequency. UNi EN ISO 11348-3 and GB-T 15441 compliant operations minimize false alarms by hydraulics perfect cleaning, running measurement in duplicate and with positive controls. Alarms are available on Ethernet and by FTP to a remote server. Main barriers to extensively use acute toxicity early warning water analysers are the complexity to breed and manage living organisms in an automated device, minimizing false alarms and ensuring long term unattended operation. The use of up to 20 industrially prepared dried bacteria vials automatically regenerated and handled by the Easychem TOX Early Warning analyser coupled with the design based on discrete analytical technology overlaps the above limitations, allowing a very fast detection time in case of heavy water pollution, easy and reliable operations on field by water plants technicians and a low maintenance cost.
                                                美国湖泊沼泽和海洋科学协会于2017年3月2日,在夏威夷的火奴鲁鲁举办了隆重的颁奖典礼。经过严格的技术比武和数据比测,并由独立的专家评审进行了专业评定,SYSTEA最终被选为由美国沿海技术联盟举办的营养盐传感器挑战赛氮和磷两个竞赛组别的双料冠军! WIZ原位在线分析仪被评估为经济高效,可同时监测氮磷指标的集成化解决方案。其基于湿化学法的检测技术,与实验室数据具有高度的吻合性,并在长达72天的三次现场应用中,表现出其数据的长期有效性和性能稳定性。 更多关于营养盐传感器挑战赛的官方获奖信息请查看以下链接: 美国马里兰大学-环境科学中心扩展资讯: