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週五, 15 十月 2021 06:40

CDEPE 2021

希思迪将于2021年11月18-20日于中国成都参加成都国际环保展(CDEPE),成都国际环保展是中国中西部地区最大的绿色环保技术展览会,于今年已经成功举办16届,由四川省环境保护产业协会(SCEPI)和中欧环境展览协会(ECEE)联合协办。 成都国际环保展旨在为四川省及中西部地区的绿色环保技术产业建立国际化的展示及交流平台,以更好的服务环境生态保护相关产业链。
週四, 14 十月 2021 14:46

Aquatech 2021

From 2 to 5 November 2021 we are going to attend again AQUATECH exhibition in Amsterdam in our booth n.113, Hall 3. Aquatech is the world’s leading platform for process, drinking and waste water; we are going to show the latest advance of our Micromac online analyzers, the updated version of our Micromac-Smart portable analzyer and our new exclusive Easychem Coli online analyzer to the international market operators, looking forward to meeting again several of our International partners too.  
週二, 09 六月 2020 06:13

Easychem COLI online

Easychem COLI online is an analyzer for Presence Absence (P/A) detection of coliforms in water and to quantify their contamination by automated Most Probable Number (MPN) statistical technique. EASYCHEM COLI online simultaneously detects both Total Coliforms (TC) and Escherichia coli (EC) or Faecal Coliforms (FC) in water and wastewater. MPN results are provided in 15-18 hours, according to the measurement range. The online analyzer allows to recognize coliform contamination by performing P/A tests (TC and EC or FC) that can be combined with MPN statistical quantification at 35-37 °C (TC and EC) or 44.5 °C (FC), with an analytical frequency adjustable to customer’s needs. At the same time, the Time To Detect (TTD) technique allows early warning estimation of TC and / or FC concentration. MPN measurement frequency can be programmed up to 12 measurements / day and the online analyzer allows a long term unattended autonomy, due to the direct reading analytical technology including cuvettes automated washing and sterilization.