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Nutrient Sensor Challenge

......In 2016 we participated to the Nutrient Sensor Challenge organized in USA by Alliance of Coastal Technologies (ACT) to field test nitrate and orthophosphate in-situ nutrients sensors in three different applications: river water, estuarine and coastal water monitoring; for additional information, please visit the Web site:

SYSTEA was selected within the short list of the six companies, research Institutes and Universities admitted to the Challenge over the 29 ones who applied for their participation, see here:

The WIZ probe showed a reliable performance along six months of intensive field tests monitoring river water, brackish water and coastal water.

The Challenge results are going to be announced at ASLO conference in Hawaii on 2 March 2017.

Please read the interesing article "Better Tools for Cleaner Water" describing the problem, goals and the planned activities to be performed during the Nutrient Sensor Challengs here:

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